Swimming Pool Repair & Restoration in Saint Petersburg, Florida

Turn to Action Pool Inc. in Saint Petersburg, Florida, for all of your swimming pool repair and restoration needs. We are full-service swimming pool contractors offering the skills and knowledge necessary to repair or restore your swimming areas. We specialize in fiberglass resurfacing and offer a variety of pool and spa products and services.

Fiberglass & Resurfacing Process

The process begins with grinding, an acid washing, and neutralizing the surface to make it smooth. All the cracks and voids are filled and seal lines are cut around all of the fittings and accessories.

Next, the bond lock coat is applied. This is applied so the Marcite will be sealed (like a primer coat). The first coat of resin is then carefully applied.
Clean Pool Underwater | Action Pool Inc - Saint Petersburg, Florida
Beautiful Pool | Action Pool Inc - Saint Petersburg, Florida

Final Perfection

This is the layer that gives the fiberglass surface its non-porous finish. We will then add a non-slip texture to your steps, bench, and swimouts to ensure a beautiful, flawless finish.

Durability & Strength

A layer of a 1 oz. Owens Corning® fiberglass mat is hand-laid with an overlap of 3-6 inches while the first coat of resin is still damp. A hand-laid mat assures consistent thickness and color, which gives the finished product strength and flexibility.

The second layer of resin will be applied and ribbed rollers will be used to smooth the fiberglass coating into the contours of the surface. The surface is sanded to remove any sharp points and a third coat of resin is then applied.
Luxury Pool | Action Pool Inc - Saint Petersburg, Florida

Recommended Water Chemistry

PH and chlorine should be checked and adjusted once a week. Alkalinity should be checked once a month and stabilize and calcium every 6 months. The following are the recommended chemistry levels for your new fiberglass surface:
PH7.4 - 7.6
Calcium350 - 400 ppm
Stabilizer50 ppm
Free Chlorine1.0 - 1.5
Total Alkalinity80 - 120
(Total alkalinity lower than 80 is very bad, higher than 120 is considered good)
Man Checking Water Chemistry | Action Pool Inc - Saint Petersburg, Florida
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